Times The Simpsons Actually Predicted The Future

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If you've ever tuned in to Fox on a Sunday night and wondered whether you were watching a long-running animated sitcom or a cartoon prophecy, you're not alone. Here are some super freaky times that The Simpsons has apparently predicted the future.

The Simpsons began life back in 1987 as a segment on The Tracey Ullman Show, one of the Fox network's first shows. That means the yellow-hued family has been a staple of the network since the beginning, and as such frequently pokes fun at its corporate overlords.

The 1998 episode "When You Dish Upon a Star" found Homer working as a very annoying personal assistant to the then-married couple of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who voiced themselves. There are numerous jokes at the expense of celebrities and Hollywood in general, thus allowing the show another chance to slip in another joke about Fox's business practices. There's a brief shot of the entrance to the 20th Century Fox lot, which a sign says is "A Division of Walt Disney Co." Nearly two decades later, the actual Walt Disney Company, flush with cash from numerous successful blockbuster flicks, acquired 21st Century Fox for a cool $71.3 billion. So now Disney actually does own Fox, and The Simpsons.

Curling is a unique sport that involves the careful pushing and sweeping of a large stone on an ice rink. It's been a regular event at the Winter Olympics since 1998. Teams from cold, snowy countries like Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland usually dominate the medal count. Before 2018, Team USA had reached the medal podium only once, when the men's team won bronze in 2006. Keep watching the video to see all the times The Simpsons actually predicted the future!

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