A-List Actors Who Turned Down Hollywood's Biggest Action Roles

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It's almost impossible to think of roles like James Bond or Han Solo in the hands of different actors, but these are just 2 roles that could have been totally unlike their present form. Imagine how differently these classics would be if casting went the way the filmmakers originally planned.

Jurassic Park is such a well-crafted movie it's hard to imagine anything changing. The effects hold up surprisingly well decades later, the pacing is tight, Jeff Goldblum is still impossibly sexy. It's a great film.

However, the lead role of Doctor Alan Grant, who's played in the movie by Sam Neill, was originally offered to Harrison Ford, for reasons that are obvious if you think about it. Grant was a gruff, rowdy scientist, paleontologist rather than archaeologist in his case, who could effectively manage jungle territory while pursued by a deadly enemy. He even had a cool floppy hat. As effectively as Sam Neill brought the character to life, we all know we'd throw money at a film about Indiana Jones versus dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, Ford saw it differently. He compared the idea to putting Indiana Jones on Mars, an idea that evidently made more sense to him a decade and a half later, when they actually had Indiana Jones meeting spacemen. You jumped in a refrigerator to escape an atomic bomb, Ford. You couldn't punch a dinosaur?

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Harrison Ford - Jurassic Park | 0:00
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Matt Damon - Avatar | 2:37
Warren Beatty - Kill Bill | 3:19
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Will Smith - The Matrix | 5:29
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