Sci-fi Shows Ruined By Awful Endings

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It's a sad truth of TV : an otherwise great TV show can still have a terrible ending. Sometimes, it's so bad that it ruins the entire series. With that in mind, let's take a look at the sci-fi shows with finales so awful that they cast a pall on everything that came before.

The NBC superhero series Heroes has gone down in TV history as a truly legendary squandering of potential. For those of you who missed the hype when it debuted back in 2006, the show follows several different characters who discover that they have superpowers. They each proceed to use those powers in various ways to affect the world around them, for good or bad. That's a perfectly solid premise. But the execution didn't always live up to what could've been. Problems include an endless struggle with tonal inconsistency, weak romance writing, and a slapdash approach to character deaths. While the first season is a whole lot of fun, seasons two and three are overwhelmingly messy.

Heroes' fourth and final season marks something of a creative rebound, as it focuses on the characters themselves as opposed to soapy, world-ending drama. The finale even ends with a cool cliffhanger of Hayden Panettiere's character Claire showing the world that she can heal herself. It finally appears that everyone is going to know about super powered individuals and everything the show has promised is actually going to be explored. But of course, it isn't, as this is an ending and there isn't any time left to do all that. Heroes' original finale sucks the joy from the rest of the series because it's such a potent reminder of the show's squandered potential. And it's hard to live with the realization of just how little of that potential was actually fulfilled… even with the brief revival series that attempted to fix things in 2015. Keep watching to learn about more Sci-fi Shows Ruined By Awful Endings!

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