Intel, what HAPPENED? i5 vs i7 Laptop Performance

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  • 12:10
  • 2021-3-2
  • 2021-3-2
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What is the best Intel laptop CPU you can buy for thin and light ultrabooks? Well Intel might want you to believe their Tiger Lake i7 is the answer but that might not be the best answer. While testing the Razer Book 13 we noticed that the i5 chip ended up being a LOT better than we expected. So when looking to buy the best laptop for the money, how does the i7 vs i5 CPU situation really stack up?

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0:00 - i5 vs i7 Intro
1:48 - i5-1135G7 vs i7-1156G7 Specs
3:42 - I'm Sorry!
4:27 - Why this matters
4:56 - i5 vs i7 Temperatures, Power & Clock Speeds
6:40 - What's HAPPENING Here?
7:40 - Long term performance = i5 DOMINATION?
8:34 - Real World Performance (Multi Core)
9:36 - Real World Performance (Light Load)
10:09 - Gaming Performance
10:45 - Battery Life
10:57 - i5 vs i7, Creator vs Gaming

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