The Most Heartbreaking Walking Dead Deaths

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No character is safe on The Walking Dead. While every death is impactful in its own way, there have been a number of characters whose ends stand out against the show's many others. These are the saddest deaths that have happened on The Walking Dead.

Season one of The Walking Dead proves from the beginning that the story takes place in an unforgiving world. However, with only six episodes, no single death in this inaugural season is all that impactful. By the time season two rolls around, though, viewers have had the time to get to know the characters. As a result, when Carol experiences the worst loss a mother can imagine, it carries considerable weight.

When the group leaves the CDC at the end of season one, their RV gets stuck on a jammed highway just as a herd of walkers passes through. Carol's daughter, Sophia, hides under the cars with the rest of the group, but emerges too quickly, and is chased into the woods by walkers. Rick finds her and tells her to hide while he lures them away — but when he returns, she's gone.

The group launches an impressive search effort, given their resources, using Hershel Greene's farm as a base of operations. However, it is soon revealed that Hershel is locking walkers up in his barn, rather than killing them. When Shane snaps and decides to execute all of Hershel's captive walkers, it's revealed that Sophia didn't escape the woods with her life: She is one of the pent-up undead. This forces Rick to mercy kill her, an act that forever hardens Carol into the character we know and love today.

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