Movies Over 4 Hours That Are Worth Every Minute

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How long should a movie usually be? Two hours is pretty much the norm. Three is OK if the movie really earns it. But four or more? That's got to be something really special when you consider the effects on audiences' bladders.

But sometimes, the time investment really is worth it. These behemoths, some of which run well over four hours, deserve all the time they take. Some were originally TV miniseries or released in multiple parts before being cut together into a single film. Others are extended cuts of films with shorter theatrical releases. And some were just made that long. From historical epics to sprawling superhero stories to fantasy masterpieces, these movies that run over four hours are worth every minute.

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Cleopatra | 0:00
Zack Snyder's Justice League | 1:23
Carlos | 2:30
Gettysburg | 3:48
Once Upon a Time in America | 4:51
Hamlet | 5:54
Satantango | 6:57
The Best of Youth | 7:41
Shoah | 8:38
The Return of the King | 9:41

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