Shadow Challenge + Giles Duley In Conversation w Mike Browne

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In tonight’s PLD Shadow challenge we have a guest who truly embodies the spirit of storytelling as a photographer. Giles Duley made a name for himself as a rock photographer working with Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, The Black Crowes, his work regularly appearing in Select, Q, Esquire, GQ and Arena before leaving the glitz behind to use his photography to tell stories and make a difference in the world, often documenting the plight of people rebuilding their lives after the ravages of war. Giles says he is not a war photographer, he tells love stories in unlikely places.

As founder and CEO of the Legacy Of War foundation, Giles is actively involved in helping people affected by war to rebuild their lives.

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Giles Duley:

We’ll be announcing winners and runners up after an informal chat about Giles' astonishing journey as a photographer, changes of direction and life changing events that would have stopped others in their tracks.

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