DF Direct Weekly #21: Unreal Engine 5 Coalition Demo, Intel CPU + Graphics GDC 2021

  • Tech
  • 01:21:07
  • 2021-7-27
  • 2021-7-27
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The clue is in the name - DF Direct arrives every week and this week is no exception. GDC 2021 is in full effect, so Rich, Alex and John discuss a couple of the more interesting and relevant presentations before powering on in sharing more about recent DF projects before tackling a big bunch of supporter Q+A. Join the DF Supporter Program to contribute to the show and get it early, every Saturday!

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:45 GDC 2021: UE5 Demo From The Coalition - Intel CPU/GPU Presentations
00:19:23 MODdb Receives Takedown Notice From Take Two
00:25:23 Final Words on The Resident Evil Village PC DRM Debacle
00:28:02 DF Content Discussion: Ratchet 40fps - Addressing The Confusion
00:36:19 DF Content Discussion: Unreal Engine for Video Production
00:45:11 Supporter Q1: Will it be possible to gauge the performance of the Steam Deck now?
00:46:43 Supporter Q2: Do you think the Steam Deck will be able to handle the games from the Total War series?
00:47:33 Supporter Q3: Is it likely that a performant ML-based upscaling solution similar to DLSS could be implemented on Xbox Series?
00:50:31 Supporter Q4: Curious what your opinion is on the rampant devotion to leaked info?
00:59:40 Supporter Q5: Could you elaborate on how you are using BFI on your LG OLED?
01:06:14 Supporter Q6: What measures did you take to help prevent burn in on your OLED monitor?
01:10:59 Supporter Q7: Much has been said about cross-gen development holding back the potential of the new consoles. Now, can the same be said about the PC, in the sense that targeting a wider range of platforms could hinder console games design?
01:17:25 Supporter Q8: Do any of you play with inverted vertical controls?
01:20:01 Ending