Things You Only Notice In Alita After Watching It More Than Once

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Ever since Alita: Battle Angel hit theaters in 2019, ardent fans have been begging for a sequel. A collaboration between director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron, Alita is an adaptation of the popular ‘90s manga series Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro. It’s everything you could want in such an adaptation: a stylish, cyberpunk action flick that delivers on both visuals and storytelling.

There’s so much to take in on a first viewing, but there’s even more to appreciate on a second watch. Even if fans never get the Alita sequel they want, at least they have an incredible first film that’s totally rewatchable. These are the things you notice in Alita: Battle Angel after watching it again.

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Next level CGI | 0:00
Down the tubes | 1:40
It's hammer time | 3:01
The price of immortality | 4:12
Arc plasma powers | 5:32
The goal of Motorball | 6:38
Hints of a sequel | 7:50
A man of his word | 9:02
Shoot and score | 10:25
Alita's endless evolution | 11:37

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