Marvel's Biggest Regrets In The MCU

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has clearly experienced massive success. Since it transformed Iron Man into one of the most popular cinematic superheroes of all time back in 2008, the MCU has expanded in nearly unimaginable ways, putting new and creative spins on some of Marvel’s oldest and most obscure characters.

That doesn't mean the studio's sprawling saga is devoid of missteps, however. From unfortunate casting decisions to creative control issues, the people behind the franchise have had some pretty big regrets when it comes to the universe they helped create. These are Marvel’s biggest regrets in the MCU.

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Losing control of Thor | 0:00
Eyebrows to dye for | 1:33
Drax gets cut | 2:52
Angry about The Incredible Hulk | 4:08
Second thoughts about a second life | 5:33
Klaue left a mark | 7:01
Casting the Ancient One | 8:17

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