Unreal Engine Beginner Tutorial Making a forest with the NEW QUIXEL Megascans trees

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Download the Start-Up file Here: (PC recommended): https://photoserge.me/ForestUnread

Let’s create a cool forest together and two animations!

Summary of the video
02:42 Launching The downloaded Project
04:26 Creating a Blank Level
06:19 Connecting the Sun with the Atmosphere
07:47 Creating a basic Landscape
08:13 Sculpting the landscape
10:13 Importing The trees and assets from the Marketplace
12:46 Creating the basic surface of a landscape
13:03 Changing the tiling of a texture
14:04 Adding Foliage
19:42 Transform, Scale and Rotate Objects
21:29 Adding Mega Scan Trees
32:50 Creating the big forest
36:42 Adding Fog
42:43 Creating an animation
46:55 Focus on a specific object
49:16 Adding wind
52:04 Changing Seasons
53:07 Post Process Volume
57:52 Export Video
59:20 Using Da Vinci Resolve to make a sequence animation

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Music by AG Sounbtrax: https://www.agsoundtrax.com/

How to use Da Vinci Resolve:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N7H2iSsky8&t=125s Great Youtube

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