Actors You Only Know Because Of Their Bloopers

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Being a character actor's a pretty sweet deal. While they might not earn the fame, fortune, or accolades afforded A-list movie stars, some do get to live their dream and become very well regarded for their work. And there are other perks to the gig: like, landing in a delightful, crowd-pleasing gag reel. Here are some performers who, at the end of the day, are probably best loved for their bloopers...

Christopher Darga in Bruce Almighty | 0:22
Ken Foree in Halloween | 1:02
Some kid in North by Northwest | 1:39
Paul Freeman in Raiders of the Lost Ark | 2:16
Soupy Sales in The Soupy Sales Show | 2:46
Stanley Anderson in Spider-Man | 3:26
Brian Steel in Blade: Trinity | 3:55
Rachel Dratch as "Debbie Downer" | 4:21
Til Schweiger in Inglourious Basterds | 4:55

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