Easter Eggs You Missed In Ready Player One

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When Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One came out in 2011, it was quickly dubbed the "holy grail of pop culture" thanks to the truck loads of pop culture references and Easter eggs stuffed inside its pages. The entire story is one big search for a literal egg, so that should tell you something. True to its roots, Steven Spielberg's film is also a basketful. Ready Player One is so full of pop culture references that you'd be hard pressed to spot them all with ten viewings, let alone just one. Here are all the Easter eggs we found in Ready Player One. Spoilers ahead, even if you've read the book…

Tomb of Horrors | 0:32
Femme fatales | 1:11
Serenity | 1:46
Star tributes | 2:16
Sneaking it past Spielberg | 2:55
Zemeckis cube | 3:32
Jack Slater III | 4:16
Meltdown | 4:51
Madballs | 5:19
Weapon cameos | 5:52
Deadite party | 6:30

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