It's Dangerous Outside: Stay Inside (April 2018) | FailArmy

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  • 06:42
  • 2018-4-10
  • 2018-4-11
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Happy Tuesday! We have a compilation dedicated to convincing you to stay inside! The world is a dangerous place, and you are better off hanging out at your pad watching FailArmy videos! We have a snowmobile fail, boating fails, and more!


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Crashed Into a Tree
3..2..1... meat works
dadfail like I promised...
getting totally pitted
Dual cabroll. Sometimes everything doesnt goes as planned.
Thinking she's 15 again
SUP YOGA FAIL - Geht voll schief!!! Stand Up Paddle Kopfstand vor der Zugspitze
Gopro - Dirt Biker Rides Of Cliff And Lands In Tree! Gopro hero 3+ Dirtbike fail
The Captain's Mud Slide
Some say it was an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. I think that's just a fancy name for a big, icy rock
Tossed into Pool Fail m2788
Ice fail, I love being a parent 2
Horizontal bar fail
Gymnast Doesn't Give Up!
big ole motocross crash at lincoln trails mx
Ice fail, I love being a parent
"Girl Slips on Icy Driveway and Slides Into Hood of Friend's Car
Guy Crashes Motorbike in Sand and Flips Over Handlebars"
Guy Crashes Snowmobile Into Snowbank and Falls in Stream
Skier Runs Into Tree Branch
Skier Tumbles down Slope and Crashes into Tree
Bicyclists Fly out of Control on Stairs
Dirtbike Rider Crashes Coming Up Over A Hill
Guy Jumps across Pool and Slips
Guys Get Swept Away By Giant Wave
Skier Loses Control and Crashes into Girl
Girl Loses Control on Dirt Bike
Golf Ball Hits Guy's Head
Snowboard Rail Faceplant
Kid Fails Hockey Trickshot
Kite Causes Huge Wipeout
Boy Can't Play Golf
BMX Rider Doesn't Land a Grind and Screams the Pain Away
Guy Hit by Toy Plane
Tiny Bicyclist Fails to Jump Ramp
Golfer Falls into Lake
Golf Ball Hits Cameraman
Guy on ATV Tumbles into Mud
Guy Falls off Unicycle after Jumping Stairs
Zip Liner Falls into Tree
Sand Jump Wipe Out
Inline Skater Crashes on Steep Downhill
Bike Jump Up Step Fail
Potato Gun Shatters into Pieces
Girl Attempts Trick Golf Shot and Gets Hit
Jeep Tries to Drive Over Rock and Flips Over
Man Drops Hot Dogs During Campfire Breakfast
Tarzan Reenactment Fail
Guy Loses Bike at Top of Hill and Rolls Down
Mom Trips during Waterfall Hike
Group Loses Rafter on Rapids
Brutal Barefoot Water Skiing Wipeout
Girl Doesn't Land Backflip in the Sand