The Truth About Dragon Ball Z

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You don't need to be a Supreme Kai to know how much of an influence the Dragon Ball Z series has had on the world. But there's a lot more to this franchise than just fast fights, spiky hair, and screaming at the top of your lungs. With over $5 billion in franchise sales, DBZ is a cornerstone of Japanese animation and a cultural phenomenon, and the tale of Goku and friends has had more twists and turns than Snake Way. Despite its impact, DBZ is only one part of the story. The Dragon Ball franchise has spawned four original series, 19 movies, over 500 chapters of manga, nearly 100 video games, and all kinds of ridiculous memes and debates about power levels. So take a break from your training, take a bite out of a senzu bean, and take a Grand Tour with us through the untold truth of Dragon Ball Z...

Dragon Boy | 0:43
Journey to the West | 1:21
Goku grows up | 2:46
East meets west (and vice versa) | 3:57
Censorship and controversies | 3:59
Evolution, god-battles, resurrection, and beyond | 5:52

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