Weird Things That Only Make Sense To Americans

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I get a flag! You get a flag! We all get flags!


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Two friends talking in a dorm room
SeanZeroThree/Getty Images
Woman's hands with a barcode label
humonia/Getty Images
Flags 1 (Napa)
Bill Chizek/Getty Images
Retro car - Peugeot
TineM/Getty Images
Oil Field Workers at Sunrise
LauriPatterson/Getty Images
Toilets and skin
DenBoma/Getty Images

Realistic USA Flag 3d animation loop
Dario Paranos/Getty Images
Girl drinking iced tea with peach.
Rasulovs/Getty Images
Water sprays out of shower head, slow motion
lewkmiller/Getty Images
Back View of a Man Sitting on a Couch Watching Movie on His Big Flat Screen TV.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Pouring latte cappuccino cup in slow motion
Estarriole/Getty Images
Iced coffee in a tall glass with cream poured over .
Rasulovs/Getty Images
Glass of Water
jjneff/Getty Images
Water pouring into a glass with ice cubes
devuchka/Getty Images
Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands In Lobby Of Modern Office
monkeybusinessimages/Getty Images
Baseball batter hitting ball during game
haizon/Getty Images
Customers in line at checkout
oneblink-cj/Getty Images
An elderly man reads aloud the instructions on his prescription medicine bottles
JaimeByrd/Getty Images
Prescription Medicine
PickStock/Getty Images
Young smiling waiter standing in restaurant near the table of happy couple putting their order into notebook. Man and woman sitting in the restaurant celebrating their anniversary and choosing dishes
Kustvideo/Getty Images
An American Flag Waves on A Farmhouse Porch
Meg McWhinney/Getty Images
Silver Pickup Truck Isolated
Nerthuz/Getty Images
Businesswoman Sweating At Work With Broken Conditioner
dualstock/Getty Images
Condensing unit of air conditioner
supakitmod/Getty Images
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