Here's Who Died In The Epic Battle Of Winterfell On GoT

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The third episode of Game of Thrones' eighth season wasted no time diving into the action of the Battle of Winterfell, coming in hot and holding nothing back. Sure to be remembered as one of the most epic entries in Thrones history, "The Long Night" pitted the living against the dead, the light against the dark, and fire against ice. Many characters took their final breaths in the cold Winterfell air. Here's a look at the characters who didn't make it, and one big winner.

The bodies start falling from the first swing of a sword. Even equipped with flaming weapons and steadfast determination, the Dothraki aren't men of myths or the enders of the Long Night. Soon after they forge ahead into the darkness, with Jon's direwolf Ghost charging alongside them, the Dothraki outriders are wiped out by the wights. The side of the living quickly becomes overwhelmed by the dead.

Jon and Daenerys send their dragons, Rhaegal and Drogon, out into battle to breathe fire onto the enemy, to little avail. The dead aren't dying, an out-of-this-world windstorm clouds everyone's vision, people are dropping left and right, and the episode's first major death comes when Lord Commander of the Night's Watch Dolorous Edd dies via stabbing when trying to save Samwell Tarly. Newly knighted Brienne then orders the forces to retreat into Winterfell's gates.

The speed at which the battle devolves into chaos pushes Arya to send her sister Sansa to the crypts, the so-called safest place in Winterfell, with a dragonglass dagger.

In the catacombs, Sansa joins her former husband Tyrion Lannister, Sam's partner Gilly, Varys, and Missandei, plus every woman, child, and elderly person in Winterfell. Sansa, Tyrion, and Missandei exchange barbs before the situation becomes no laughing matter.

As fans predicted, the corpses resting in the Stark family crypt come back to life and take victims down with zero difficulty or remorse. While dozens die screaming behind them, Sansa, Tyrion, Gilly, Varys, and Missandei make it out of the crypts alive, and their survival may spell trouble moving forward. Tyrion, Varys, and Missandei are on Daenerys' side; they've all bent the knee and pledged loyalty to her. Sansa, on the other hand, hasn't warmed up to her yet, and might never once she realizes that Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Theon Greyjoy has done some serious repenting since betraying House Stark at the start of the War of the Five Kings. Taken in as a ward and a prisoner of Ned Stark following his own father's duplicity, Theon grew up in Winterfell and had long been considered a member of the Stark family. Theon's treachery against the Starks reached its apex when he seized Winterfell in the second season of Game of Thrones, capturing two farm boys and displaying their burned bodies on the castle's walls, passing them off as Bran and Rickon Stark.

Beneath the Weirwood tree in Winterfell's godswood, where Bran awaits the Night King, Bran absolves Theon of his sins. Bran tells him that everything he's done brought him to where he is now: home. Keep watching the video to where we show you here's who died in the epic battle of Winterfell!

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