Things Only True Fans Noticed In The Office

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It doesn't get much better than reruns of The Office, and sometimes you notice things you never caught before. From creepy clown paintings to Call of Duty ​screen names, here are some of the best Easter eggs to look out for the next time you settle in to binge watch America's favorite workplace in action.

Even the most casual viewers of The Office know that the American series didn't begin with an original idea. It's a remake inspired by a British show by the same name. This original series ran from 2001 to 2003 and focused on the fictional paper company Wernham Hogg in the British town of Slough.

The American show takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but it still has a connection to its British cousin's hometown. In the season 5 episode "Blood Drive," Michael pulls together a depressing little Valentines Day shindig for all of his single coworkers, harboring secret hopes that he will be able to reconnect with a woman he met earlier in the day. As he shows off the flyer he's created for the event, the camera zooms in, revealing that the address for Dunder Mifflin is "1725 Slough Ave." The address seems to be a nod to the location of the original Wernham Hogg paper company. It's not a one-time incident either, in the last episode of season 6, Dwight refers to the street by name again.

The story of Angela and Dwight's secret love is a long one, starting early on in the show and winding through several ups and downs before they finally tie the knot, Schrute style, while standing in their own graves in the series finale. Truly, they're the show's perfect match, to the point where they even seem to have the same favorite song. Keep watching the video to see things only true fans noticed in The Office!


A nod to the original | 0:14
Which came first? | 1:09
The Finer Things Club | 2:05
Stanley's struggles | 2:54
Rocking out | 3:55
The return of the plasma screen | 4:47
Knock the fat out! | 5:54
Screen names | 6:38
Certifiable | 7:16
The first Assistant Regional Manager | 8:18
John who? | 9:13
15 stars | 10:13
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It's all mine | 12:03
Pranking on the company dime | 13:05