The Entire Stranger Things Timeline Explained

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Whether you're a devoted Stranger Things fan looking for a refresher, or a casual fan looking for a point of reference, we're digging into the history of Hawkins, Indiana's association with the Upside Down, from the first experiments conducted at Hawkins Lab to the Battle of Starcourt and beyond.

The chain of events that kicked things off actually began more than a decade before the series itself. In 1969, Dr. Martin Brenner arrives at Hawkins National Laboratory to oversee the MKUltra program, which dosed test subjects with hallucinogenic drugs in an effort to manifest superhuman abilities.

It's through this new screening process that he eventually meets Terry Ives, who took part in MKUltra trials at Hawkins in the early 1970s. Though she apparently didn't know it at the time, Terry was pregnant when the trials began. When he discovers this, Dr. Brenner hatches a plan to take control of Terry's eventual baby at all costs.

Watch the video for more about the entire Stranger Things timeline explained!

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The experiment begins | 0:15
A desperate mother | 0:59
An opportunity | 2:11
The vanishing of Will Byers | 3:08
New friends | 4:20
Beating the monster | 5:30
A looming threat | 6:24
A growing problem | 7:13
A new monster | 8:03
The lost sister | 9:12
A dangerous plan | 10:11
Closing the gate | 10:52
The return | 11:58
New evidence | 13:03
A bigger threat | 14:10
The Battle of Starcourt | 15:07
Hope and fear in Russia | 16:10