The Ending Of The Mandalorian Chapter 4 Explained

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The Force giveth and taketh away that's the lesson poor Mando learns in the newest chapter of The Mandalorian. The episode's title "Sanctuary" sets up that classic, bittersweet trope of all great Western films: the cowboy rolls into a one-horse town, fixes problems only people on the frontier could possibly experience, and becomes beloved.

We, of course, know exactly how this is going to end, because the Mandalorian is literally a man with no name. At the episode's conclusion, he's ready to ascend once more to the stars and continue following his compulsion to roam but it may not be all sunsets and solitary endings after all, because the Child has been found by one more of the endless horde tracking him, and sanctuary has been spoiled.

We're left again with the Mandalorian and the Child in the middle of a wistful departure and no idea where the next chapter may lead. We can gather now that this is part of the point of the series' first season, to keep us feeling as lost and confused as our hero must be, searching his star charts for the next planet to stave off the inevitable. But as Mando grows more obviously attached to his onetime bounty, and the consequences of his betrayal of his guild begin to stack up, how does this end in anything other than tragedy?

The Mandalorian's fourth episode introduced us to Cara Dune, former Rebellion soldier-turned outlaw mercenary who is a little rougher around the edges than Mando.

It was a bit of a surprise to have her drop into Mando's life, then to see him say goodbye to her by the episode's end, when we know we're going to see her again but honestly, that only builds all the more intrigue around the character. Keep watching the video to see the ending of The Mandalorian chapter 4 explained

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