We May Know The Main Villain In Sherlock Holmes 3

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Put on your deerstalker and load up your pipe. It's time to determine the facts of the latest Sherlock Holmes case.

A report from We Got This Covered indicates that Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson will return to face an American nemesis named Senator Cornelius Guest, a man obsessed with stealing gold, in the third installment of the big-screen Sherlock Holmes franchise. A villain obsessed with gold in the third installment of a franchise? Huh. That sounds familiar.

Anyway, they'll possibly be traveling to the United States to take on the gold-obsessed Senator. HN Entertainment first reported the rumor back in March 2019 that Holmes and Watson will be going to San Francisco, specifically.

Official word on the project is scarce, as it's been languishing in pre-production for close to a decade due to Robert Downey Jr.'s rather crowded schedule full of Marvel projects. The time is now ripe for speculation, though, as production is slated to begin in January 2020. So will we see the immortal detective visit the Wild Wild West for our viewing pleasure? The game is afoot.

The fact of the matter is that there is nothing to disprove nor confirm the rumor. It's entirely possible that the name "Senator Cornelius Guest" is a cover to maintain secrecy, and it's worth mentioning that Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows included the iconic Reichenbach Falls scenario also featured in the BBC's Sherlock series in which Holmes and his arch-nemesis Professor Moriarty are both presumed dead.

The scenario was inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes tale "The Final Problem." In that story and most of its adaptations, the detective always survives, while Moriarty isn't so lucky. But one shouldn't immediately assume that Game of Shadows' version of the character, played by Jared Harris, couldn't return. Keep watching the video to see that we may know the main villain in Sherlock Holmes 3!

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