Times Impractical Jokers Took Things Too Far

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In the Tenderloins' haste to be hilarious and bust each other's chops in stunts and punishments, the titular Impractical Jokers can get, well… carried away. The kooky antics of Q, Murr, Joe, and Sal can and do veer into the unseemly, dangerous, or even illegal, as these extreme examples demonstrate.

A very special 2014 episode featured maybe the most extreme punishment yet, and one that would be hard to top, as it involved parties outside of the Impractical Jokers foursome as well as the government and what's likely a great deal of paperwork. Jenna Vulcano is a recurring Impractical Jokers cast member, showing up whenever her brother Sal needs to be made especially uncomfortable by his cronies.

Her appearances usually involve staging some kind of intimate encounter with the three Jokers that aren't Sal. The third season finale "Brother-in-Loss" tops them all. Sal lost the episode, and for his punishment he had to watch, alongside his family and friends, as Murr married Jenna. That's really going above and beyond, and the duo really did tie the knot, however briefly.

In fact, following this matrimonial episode, Murr even tweeted:

"Yes I legally married Sal's sister, no joke. And yes we annulled the marriage... after the honeymoon night!"

Dental procedures are among life's most unpleasant and potentially painful things, so even the idea of delving into that world as part of an otherwise innocuous and silly prank show feels a bit beyond the pale. And yet, on a 2014 episode of Impractical Jokers, the Tenderloins made Murr, a man purported to be their friend, submit to some unnecessary and deeply uncomfortable oral treatment for his punishment, having lost the episode. Because the dental anesthetic of novocaine is a powerful numbing agent, it's inherently funny to listen to somebody try use the mouth they cannot feel, not to mention try to eat food. Murr thus endured some novocaine shots and then had to talk about a variety of foods while also eating them.

In short, he made a terrible mess. The bit had long-lasting implications for Murr, too. Responding to an Impractical Jokers fan on Twitter, Murr revealed that since the novocaine-related punishment he's now, quote, "more sensitive to it." Complicating future dental surgeries now that's suffering for one's art.

"The Permanent Punishment," the title of a 2014 Impractical Jokers episode, is also, unfortunately for three Jokers, a spoiler. In a prank involving attaching balloons onto people just trying to grocery shop, Q, Murr, and Sal in other words, everyone except Joe fails, and gets their punishment. For each guy it's a possibly eternal reminder of that time they didn't succeed on their silly reality show: a tattoo. Keep watching the video to see the times Impractical Jokers took things too far!


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